Monday, 11 October 2010


today I bought a vintage furry coat from a shop in Glasgow, it was much like any other average vintage shop so I won't go into details about it. The one I got is brown (you'll see it). To be honest I don't know if its real fur or not, but the fact that someone else bought it before me means even it was, it's not me that's endorsing the wearing of fur. I'm not going to let the possible little animal die in vain am I?

I don't think it's that old to be honest with you, but it'll be my oldest possession, along with my mother's spotty bikini from the 90's. It's also my first ever vintage purchase which I'm quite proud of hehe.

There were too ugly faced males standing outside disney-ified Hollister today. Part of my is seething with envy, and the other is glad to be the girl that will be offered a job in hollister in six years time when I'm much sexier, which will be turned down promptly.


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