Sunday, 21 November 2010

UGH. Everytime I feel like putting makeup on and going out, I remember I'm a completely SHIT sixteen year old with 'school' in the morning. IT'S MY FUCKING MORNING. SINCE WHEN DID YOU HAVE THE F'ING RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT I DO?!
'Into the Wild' Don't know if it's a good film or not, but the story is very close to me. It's the sort of thing I'd do with my life if I had the courage.
I want to be forever young.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

my teenage aspirations have been completed just like that, in the space of two days.

I feel no different, it's not a weight-off-your-shoulders type of thing, You're just a bit more, easygoing. I don't really have to worry about how depressing, angsty and incomplete my life is, because I'm sort of over it.

my idea of a boyfriend is someone who is willing to suffer me blaring music listening to amazing bands then suddenly switching to some sort of gravely american country singer, who I can go without even speaking to for two days and doesn't have some kind of freak out if I do, who won't mind when I insist on taking photos of everything, who likes to eat straightforward uncomplicated food, he doesn't mind every time I make fun of him, who won't mind when I say no to tv and yes to partay-aaay,who doesn't mind that I'm a lazy shit, who'd rather take me on holiday up north than freaking ibiza, ew. And most importantly, who doesn't mind when I say fuck off to their marriage proposal.


Monday, 18 October 2010

is it possible that I am only interested in people, that's my passion? That's the one thing I find most fascinating. I don't like art, I like portraiture. I don't like makeup, I like faces, I don't like music, I like voices.

photos from what's on your mind?